Buzzzzzz goes the Idea Hive Class

Two different class`s 2,700 km apart coming together as the Idea Hive class.
Out of the many things we the Idea Hive class have in common I will share one. We all play at least one sport like soccer or baseball. Do you know what, even thought we are long ways apart, we are all a lot a like.

Most of us have other thing in common that is we like pets. I see that most of us like having pets around, even though they can be a handful. I think we like them because they are curious. Out of all my my pets my favourite is my hamster Piglet.She is cute and has endless energy, what`s your favourite?

Another thing that only a few of us have in common is horseback riding. Hailbrou, Shelgree, Iainthom and Sydney take horseback riding.I take it at Donna`s I know that Shelgree also takes it at Donna`s, where do you take it?

I`m the only one who plays with their little brother when they get home or talk to them. I have two brothers Aeson he is 4 and Chace he`s 12 months. They are both filled with energy and that can drive me up the wall. Guess what Aeson can hear a song then know almost all the lyrics the next time he hears it. Chace is like a monkey, he can walk a bit but he can climb way better.

I wanted to share with something that wasn`t in the survey, I look up to my aunt Jen. She is fun and also isn`t like some of those aunts, who let`s you get what ever you want. She does fun stuff with her son Jack (and sometimes our cousin Rachel) and me, like one time my aunt Jen and my grandma took us to the water park.

I can`t wait to see what Mrs.Durnin and Mr. Fisher have in store for the Idea Hive class and what we will be writing about next.

By cassadam